Happy Birthday Amy


Happy Birthday Amy


eponine wasn’t in love with marius she was in love with the idea of marius he was the one little bit of light in her life and that’s so freaking tragic because marius wasn’t her friend they barely knew each other but marius unlike everyone else didn’t treat her like dirt and that is what she was obsessed with



Magikarp Hat. By request @ Etsy.

for kitt.


wherein I wanted to casually draw hipster French kids and then accidentally cared too much

like making a lookbook and listening to French indie music on 8tracks for inspiration

so I guess this is a community college AU where Enjy protests budget cuts and campaigns for educational reform, and R totally unironically owns a YOLO flask cuz he is actually the opposite of a hipster, and Ep prolly takes accounting cuz she totes does the books for her folks’ bar, and Marius tries to pay his own way through college and Cosette’s that classy dame that dresses too damn well for an academic institution

lookbook refs in case anybody cared: Enjolras, Grantaire, Eponine, two for Marius and surprisingly none for Cosette

music: French indie playlist on 8tracks

I wanna draw the other barricade boys but I don’t even know them well enough yet to differentiate them from each other weh


Next to Normal Movie Cast*, Natalie Goodman (Sarah Hyland)

“it’s so lovely that you’re sharingno really, I’m all earsbut where has all this caring been for 16 years?for all those years I’d pray thatyou’d go away for goodhalf the time afraid that you really wouldwhen I thought you might be dying I cried for all we’d never bebut there’ll be no more cryingnot for me”


Next to Normal Movie Cast*, Natalie Goodman (Sarah Hyland)

“it’s so lovely that you’re sharing
no really, I’m all ears
but where has all this caring been for 16 years?
for all those years I’d pray that
you’d go away for good
half the time afraid that you really would
when I thought you might be dying
I cried for all we’d never be
but there’ll be no more crying
not for me”

"Animorphs was always a war story. Wars don’t end happily. Not ever. Often relationships that were central during war, dissolve during peace. Some people who were brave and fearless in war are unable to handle peace, feel disconnected and confused. Other times people in war make the move to peace very easily.

Always people die in wars. And always people are left shattered by the loss of loved ones.

That’s what happens, so that’s what I wrote.

Jake and Cassie were in love during the war, and end up going their seperate ways afterward. Jake, who was so brave and capable during the war is adrift during the peace. Marco and Ax, on the other hand, move easily past the war and even manage to use their experience to good effect. Rachel dies, and Tobias will never get over it. That doesn’t by any means cover everything that happens in a war, but it’s a start.

Here’s what doesn’t happen in war: there are no wondrous, climactic battles that leave the good guys standing tall and the bad guys lying in the dirt. Life isn’t a World Wrestling Federation Smackdown. Even the people who win a war, who survive and come out the other side with the conviction that they have done something brave and necessary, don’t do a lot of celebrating. There’s very little chanting of ‘we’re number one’ among people who’ve personally experienced war.

I’m just a writer, and my main goal was always to entertain. But I’ve never let Animorphs turn into just another painless video game version of war, and I wasn’t going to do it at the end. I’ve spent 60 books telling a strange, fanciful war story, sometimes very seriously, sometimes more tongue-in-cheek. I’ve written a lot of action and a lot of humor and a lot of sheer nonsense. But I have also, again and again, challenged readers to think about what they were reading. To think about the right and wrong, not just the who-beat-who. And to tell you the truth I’m a little shocked that so many readers seemed to believe I’d wrap it all up with a lot of high-fiving and backslapping. Wars very often end, sad to say, just as ours did: with a nearly seamless transition to another war.

- [K.A. Applegate, from a letter after the ending of the “Animorphs” series] (via starnosemole)

when something goes wrong, i often feel like shouting “must be javert!”

when something goes wrong, i often feel like shouting “must be javert!”


Genderbent Enjolras and Grantaire

as well as an unfinished Gavroche

I wanted to snag the Movie!Grantaire’s black curly hair and she kinda evolved into an adorable black girl. Which I am all kinds of okay with because look at her. <3

And then my hands remembered they hurt like a bitch today so little Gavroche/Gabrielle didn’t get finished.